Koko Ray
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We  play Acoustic music, Jazz, Reggae and Rock & Roll
I am a Songwriter, Teacher, and Producer
Here are the Acts

Koko Ray & the Keepers
(Classic Rock Covers & Originals)

Koko & Karma
(Acoustic Duo)

Koko Menage' 

Bamboo City
(Four Piece Tropical)

Koko Ray 5
​We offer many acts that  feature a wide range of entertiament needs.

As many fans know
the longest running act and main attraction is Koko Ray & the Keepers an eclectic band that play all the best of Classic Rock and
great tunes from their vast discography. 
We also offer jazz with
Koko Ray 5, Light rock with Koko & Karma, (duo)  Tropical
grooves with Bamboo City (quartet) and Light Rock/ Tropical grooves with Koko Menage' (trio)