Koko Ray
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We  play Dance Music, Funk & Roll, Disco Jazz, Acoustic music, Jazz, Reggae, Zydeco
Classic Rock, Blues & Songs from our vast Discography
Koko Ray is a Singer Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist, Music Producer, Visual Artist, Transcendental music practitioner and Teacher.

Here are the Acts

The Koko Ray 3 Way
(Koko & Karma with a guest soloist) 

The Koko Ray Show
(5 piece Original & Classic Rock)

Koko & Karma
(Acoustic Duo)

Koko' Zydeco Show
(Zydeco & Cajun)

The Koko Ray 5

Koko Ray's Parrot Head Craze
(Jimmy Buffett Tribute)

Koko Solo 
(Koko is a one man band / no tracks, Koko loops it live)                   
​We offer many acts that  feature a wide range of entertainment  needs.

The Koko Ray Show
A mix of Koko's Original music, Classic 
Rock, R&B, Blues & Reggae 

The Koko Ray 5

Koko & Karma
is a duo playing everything from Beatles to Bob Marley

Koko Zydeco Show
 Zydeco , Cajun

Koko Ray's Parrot Head
Craze ,Buffett Tribute

Koko Solo
 is Koko Ray Hansen being the most musical version of himself.

Koko Ray 3 Way
Great for Tiki bars and back yards